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Tanzania is a safe country to travel to. Tanzania is known as one of Africa’s safest countries, especially when you go on an organised safari with a private guide. About a million tourists visit Tanzania every year and most of them do not face any incidents. 

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Many travellers ask us when the best time is to visit Tanzania. The answer is … there is not one right answer. It depends on what you want to see, where you want to go, your budget and interests. Every time of the year has its pros and cons. Some people will prefer to visit Tanzania during the dry season, when roads are better, it doesn’t rain and you can see a lot of wild animals. But the prices will be higher as well as the amount of tourists around you. Other people are fine with a little bit of rain and go during the wet season where you can see lots of birds and a colourful nature, for a cheaper price and with less travellers. We have made a list of all pro’s in the dry and wet season in Tanzania. We hope that it will help you to make your choice. Everyone is different, there is no correct choice. A Tanzania Travel is beautiful the whole year!

Tanzania Travel Practical Information

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