Oldoinyo Lengai Mountain

Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, altitude 2960 meters (9711 feet), is a unique and extremely fascinating volcano that towers above the East African Rift Valley in Northern Tanzania, just south of Lake Natron. It is the only volcano in the world that sometimes erupts natrocarbonatite lava, a highly fluid lava that contains almost no silicon.

"The Mountain Of God"

The mountain can be climbed in 6 hours, affording breathtaking views of the Great Rift Valley and volcanic formations in the Ngorongoro highlands as you get to the summit. It is an adventurous hike starting at dawn. Remember this is an active volcano, the mountain remains closed for climbing when we have eruptions.

Lying on the base of the mountain, Lake Natron is said to be the only breeding area for the endangered Lesser Flamingoes that live in the Great Rift Valley and it is believed to be the world’s most important breeding site for the Lesser Flamingoes, accounting for 75 per cent of the global population.

The soda lake sits on the lowest point of the Great Rift Valley part in East Africa and is quite shallow, less than three metres deep, and varies in width depending on its water level. The temperatures in the lake mud can reach more than 40 degrees Celsius where evaporation causes high alkalinity. It is said the lake’s high alkaline environment is a barrier against predators trying to reach the flamingo nests.

The area around Lake Natron is often described as having a desolate and almost lunar landscape beauty. Walks around the lake and to the streams and waterfalls along the nearby escarpment, make for a fantastic adventure off the beaten track.

Oldoinyo Lengai Climbing Itinerary

The Climb Of This Active Volcano Takes Place At Night. Departure From The Camp Around 11 Pm. You Will Start Climbing Around Midnight, And So Will Be At The Top Around 5am. You Can Rest While Waiting For The Beautiful Sunrise To Finally Admire The Wide Plain Of Serengeti That Will Stretch In Front Of You.

The Descent Must Be Done Before It Gets Too Hot, Because The Sun Heats Up Very Quickly The Slopes Composed Of Volcanic Ash. The Round Trip Takes 10-11 Hours. Proper Shoes, A Headlamp, Pair Of Hiking Sticks And Good Jacket Are Highly Recommended.

11:30pm wake up, go to mess area for tea/coffee and snacks before driving to the base of Lengai, 1am arrive at the base of Lengai and start your ascent, 6am you are at the top of Lengai! 6:30am start your descent 12pm arrive at the base of Lengai, drive back to Lake Natron Camp, 1pm arrive at Lake Natron Camp greeted by a cold face towel and fresh cold drink, 1:30pm have lunch, relax by the pool, have a massage!

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