Lake Naivasha National park

Wildlife-rich Lake Naivasha is both a scenic stop in its own right and a great base for hikes to Hell’s Gate National Park and Mount Longonot. Set in the Rift Valley floor 90 kilometres northwest of Nairobi, Naivasha is a near-circular freshwater lake fringed by lush forests of fever trees and overlooked by the ragged-edged of the volcanic Mount Longonot. 

The Sheer Adventure

Lake Naivasha National Park also called is located in the raising part of the great rift valley floor. The park is cantered in the fresh water lake found in the centre of the park. The fresh water lake is called Lake Naivasha which means “rough water” by the locals. Lake Naivasha is a few of the fresh water lakes found in Kenya located just a few kilometers away from the town of Naivasha. It is also one of Kenya’s national parks that are visited oftenly.

The park lies in the Northwest of the capital Nairobi, and it is part of the great rift valley features found in the great rift valley region. The park name is derived from the Maasai word “Naiposha” which means “rough water” because of its unusual sudden storms that arise always. The park is surrounded by other two small lakes those are Lake Oloidien and Lake Sonachi also called the green crater lake.

Lake Naivasha national park has unique features like an extinct volcano called Mount Longonot, a thick forest that is found along the crater Mountain. The park is dominated by Umbrella Acacia trees that are mostly found along the banks of the lake. The park reserve is now taken by the flower growing farms which are exported in most of the international markets.

The national park was established on 10th April 1995, the parks cover an area of 140 square kilometers. The biggest part of the park is covered by the fresh water lake which is not very deep and seasonal. The level of water increases during the rainy season and reduces during the dry season. Lake Naivasha national park is located in the Northwest part of Nairobi along the great Rift Valley region. The park is famous as a birding destination especially along the shores of the lake and also the nearby Hells gate national park.

Lake Naivasha national park takes around one and a half hours drive from the ca Nairobi with great scenic views of the stunning Rift Valley escarpments. The park ideal place for one to dodge city life for a fresh new environment. One can relax for o two days safari at Lake Naivasha national park.

Attractions at Lake Naivasha National Park

The small Lake Naivasha national park is gifted with a good number of attractions makes your short safari enjoyful. The park has become a popular destination as t route differentiates between Lake Naivasha national park and Hells gate since they are next to each other and can be done together at the same day. Below are the attractions in Lake Naivasha national park:


These are stippled trees with sisal that form the forest alo Naivasha. The forest is composed of more tree species like yellow fever their name from the colour of the trees, Candelabra euphorbia and r was once a home of the great conservationist Joy Adamson who wrote Born Free fame.

Crescent Island:

This is one of the private Island sanctuary that is found Rift valley region. The Island is not fenced and this makes animals to The island can be reached by boat or by 4×4 wheel drive through road that leads to the sanctuary. The road is mostly used by buffalos becomes impassable during rainy season. This is one of the few walks are permitted at the park.

Lake Naivasha:

This is the largest attraction at the park, the park was named aft blue lake. The shallow lake is seasonal though very rough during the rainy season banks of the lake are covered by papyrus and other forest species that attracts birds and animals. Birders like boating at Lake Naivasha as they go birding for swamp species along the lake.

Mount Longonot:

 Mount Longonot is an extinct volcano with the height of 2776 m above sea level. The mountain last erupted in the 1860’s. The mountain which is now a park of its self was named by Maasai locals with the name Olo Nongot which means Mountain of Many summits. It has a large crater rim on top with no water, it between 2 to 4 hours hike depending on your hiking experience.

Despite the fact that Lake Naivasha national park is a small park but it gives great experience to the guests. It only remains silent if one is interested in viewing the African big 5 but has more game and can be supplemented by visiting lake Nakuru, hells gate and Maasai mara. The park is parked with great drama

Game viewing:

With over 100 animal species found at the park, the guests enjoy full day. game drives that takes you close to view the game in their natural habitat. The park can be visited throughout the year though the best time is during the dry season when the park grass is short, animals gather around the lake and water catchment area. The available game includes Hippos, giraffes, zebras, waterbuck, wildebeest and many more animals.


Lake Naivasha national park has extraordinary birdlife of all kinds, the park inhabits over 350 bird species. The wide range of swamp birds that leave on papyrus swamps, Acacia trees and others. The most sighted birds are Kingfishers, Jacanas, herons, flamingos, fish eagles, lovebirds, doves, marabou stork, weavers and others. The park is considered as the birding paradise which cannot be missed during your birding trip in Kenya.

Horseback riding safari:

This is one of the great activities done in a few national parks in Kenya. Use a horse to do a game drive go close to the wildlife while on the back of the horse. Escorted by the game ranger as the guide you will be close to the animals. You will be astride the horse as you sense camouflaged. They are better for the honeymooners and first-time guests to Africa to feel the fresh air of the African environment.

Hike Longonot Mountain:

Do you have no experience on hiking but wishing to achieve your dream of getting into the top of some mountains? Hike to Mount Longonot is a great chance, it does not need any experience. It only needs some physical fitness, the hike takes between 2 to 4 hours depending on your fitness. The volcano base is a home of zebras, giraffes, buffalo, hartebeest and others. The mountain is also scenic with the large crater on top of the mountain, you will have an aerial view of the whole Lake Naivasha national park.

Boat cruise:

The fresh water lake which dominates the largest part of the park allows boat rides especially during the wet season. The birders do boat riders as they go to the lake banks for birding and other activities done.

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