Diani Beach Mombasa

Kenya’s stunning south coast enjoys an enviable location. Diani Beach is just over 30 kilometers from the historic port city of Mombasa and around a three-hour drive from Tsavo National Park, one of the largest game reserves in the world – perfect for combining an exciting safari with a relaxing beach holiday.

Most popular and the most sophisticated beach south of Mombasa.

Located to the south coast of Kenya, Diani beach boasts a magnificent 25km  stretch whose life blossoms into something the body feels as much as the soul. Her waters stretch out freely, flaunting white sands and smooth oceans waves welcoming the blue sky and sun rays to a celebration of freedom, love and great memories.

Her weather, calm as it is warm, brings with it the conduciveness required for the beach life – Laughter, barefoot dances, wind tousled hair, water sports, name it, Diani offers her pleasures seamlessly for all your desires.

Diani’s economy is anchored on the hospitality industry – being a leading tourist destination, Diani has a wide array of accommodation facilities to cater for all travel budgets from the economy tourist to the top of the top, the likes of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jose Mourihno and other celebrities who occasionally grace this paradise.


The indigenous people of Diani are the Digo Community who are the the second-largest tribe of the 9 Mijikenda tribes. With an estimated population of 400,000, the Digo are concentrated on the southern coastal strip of Kenya specifically Diani and the border of Tanzania. The Digo people speak chidigo, which is a Bantu language closely related to both Swahili and the other Mijikenda languages. Over 90% of Digo people are Islams.

Diani boosts of a vibrant culture drawn from the different communities and nations who live here. Despite the cultural mix that Diani boosts of, the indigenous locals culture remains alive, known for their warmness and accommodating nature, the locals hold visitors in high regard as visitors are believed to be a source of blessings.

As vibrant as the culture, so is the night life, as the sun fades away, Diani transcends to become the life of the party. Endowed with various night clubs and great music, her people rise to the occasion with unreserved energy making the most of each moment, this is how memories are made here.

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