Arusha National Park

Take a closer look at the animals during a canoe safari. Silently glide through the water past small herds of animals and the many birds, while peacefully enjoying the wonderful nature in the national parks of Tanzania.

Towered Below the Majestic Mount Meru

At just 360 square kilometres, Arusha National Park is a relatively small but surprisingly interesting conservation area, easily accessible from the nearby town of Arusha. The reserve is centered on Mount Meru, twin volcano to the larger Mount Kilimanjaro and which also offers some excellent trekking options. The park contains some diverse and very pretty, with dramatic volcanic peaks and craters, extensive forests, high altitude grasslands and a network of lakes. Perhaps the biggest single draw is the famed view over Mount Kilimanjaro.

Although there is a good populations of animals around, only the large herbivores like giraffes, zebras and buffaloes tend to be seen with any regularity, the terrain is not well suited for convention wildlife viewing. As well as the serious trekking on the mountain, there are some excellent hiking trails in the park, as well as options for mountain-biking and canoeing. Game viewing is at its best during the dry season from June to October. The park is excellent year round for birding, and especially between November and April when migratory birds from Europe and North Africa are present and the local birds have their breeding plumage on display.

Unique Activities In Arusha National Park

Mount Meru Climb

Africa’s Fifth Highest Mountain Cuts A Striking Figure At 4,566m (14,990 Feet). While Kilimanjaro Is Often Shy And Hides Behind Clouds, Mt. Meru Is Generally Visible Throughout The Year.

An Active Volcano, Mt. Meru Is Also A Popular Climbing Destination For Visitors To Tanzania And A Good Introductory Mountain For Those Wishing To Climb Kilimanjaro. Not Only Does The Climb Offer A Spectacular View Of Kilimanjaro From The Summit, But The Hike Itself Is Also An Incredibly Rewarding Walking Safari That Takes You Through Multiple Habitats Where You Can Encounter Giraffes, Elephants, Antelopes, And More

For Those Interested In Climbing Mt. Meru, Shadows Of Africa Can Arrange Climbing Permits, Armed Ranger Escorts, All Camping Equipment, And Even Stays At The Miriakamba Or Saddle Huts If Necessary.

Canoeing Safari

The Momella Lakes within Arusha National Park are a series of seven shallow lakes: Big Momella, Small Momella, Kusare, Lekandiro, Tulusia, Rishateni, and El Kekhotoito. Alkaline lakes with considerable algae growth, each of these  lakes is a different shade of green or blue.

While the water is not suitable for drinking, it is possible to see a variety of birds (including flamingoes) and animals such as water bucks, giraffes, zebras, and dik-diks in the surrounding area.

Canoeing trips are available in the Arusha National Park and are a wonderful experience, drifting past herds of elephants, giraffes, hippos and buffalo as you cruise along the shores of the lake surrounded by countless flocks of birds.

Walking Safari

In Arusha National Park, you can go on a walking safari. This is a walk at the foot of Mount Meru under the guidance of a park ranger. During the hike, you may have the chance to see different species of animals, such as monkeys, buffaloes, zebras and many species of tropical birds. Depending on your wishes and your walking speed, this walk takes about an hour and a half. You will have lunch in the park after your hike is over.

This activity is recommended in combination with a day planned in Arusha Nationalpark as it involves park fee and other additional costs.

Mountain Biking

You will enjoy a short game drive through the park en-route to Ngorodoto Crater from where you will start your ride. The ride mainly goes round the rim of the Crater with stunning views into the Crater.

A ranger will accompany the ride since it is possible to encounter buffalo. Other animals likely to be seen are Colobus Monkeys, giraffes and various birds species.

The ride is partly on a gravel track and partly on a small animals track that can allow for some muddy riding. There are steep up and steep down parts during this ride.

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