Your choice of Safari Company will be absolutely critical to the success of your trip.

All of our safari experts have all lived worked and travelled extensively in Tanzania. Most have guided and managed at top safari Accommodations across the country. All of them know the world of safari inside out. They are all passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and efficient.

Established in 2010

Escape - Explore - Connect

Dahlia Africa tours&safaris is a licensed fast growing Local Safari and trekking operator located in Tanzania, It was founded in 2010. Our Team has been recognized as among the most talented in the travel industry with experience of over 25years. The company is founded and directed by indigenous Tanzanians with the passion of making a difference in travel&tourism industry. 

As we celebrate 12 years of operations in safaris, Tours and trekking in Tanzania we’re eager to share all the new travel innovations our team has been hard at work developing for the coming season.

We are famous for building the very best and most suitable safaris for the best possible competitive prices. A safari can be a very expensive undertaking and we always do everything we can to meet the customer’s target budget.

We specialize in Safaris and Trekking tours to Tanzania and Kenya, with unrivaled knowledge and experience we are committed to bringing you the finest private, small or larger group adventures available. 

We also have wonderful volunteer’s Hostel and Home stay in Arusha  for volunteers and interns who will benefit from volunteering placement in Tanzania for free!

It’s our pleasure to introduce an exciting new range of tours to the region, that feature more time in each location, so less packing and unpacking and more time enjoying your vacation! Along with this, we’ve developed increased flexibility, so you can pick the challenge that fits you perfectly.

We are also thrilled to announce our developed Motorbike, wheelchair accessible and Cycling tours, our most inclusive tours yet! These trips can accommodate pillion riders, non-cycling and non-wheelchair users, partners or friends, these innovative tours include everything you love about a Dahlia Africa trip.

All of the Dahlia Africa family are really looking forward to hosting you on one of our adventures over the coming months, and I am excited to see you somewhere in our world soon!

Brian Temu: 

Managing Director

A founding member of our company and an extremely experienced consultant, especially strong with big family trips.

Why Travel with Dahlia Africa

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